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On behalf of our Property, we want to reassure you, our residents, of our commitment and focus to continue to provide you with superior services in your homes.  Our Leadership Team continues to meet frequently to review health and safety updates regarding COVID-19 and the implications for each of our communities, including guidance and actions provided by Health Officials, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC –, and Federal, State and Local authorities.  We continue to follow the health and safety protocols and directives of these organizations and officials.
As a company whose primary focus is the provision and operation of housing, we are defined by most all public authorities as a provider of “Essential Services”.  That means, even in the event of a shelter-in-place order from a Governmental Official or body, we have a duty to continue to provide the staffing, operations and services necessary to support the occupancy of our properties by our residents. 

Q: Are you closing your offices to the public? 
A: Commencing on Monday, March 23, 2020, we will be closing all property offices to the public until at least Monday, April 7, 2020.All employees who are necessary to operate and maintain our properties will remain on-site. We encourage residents to do all property-related business, such as rental payments, work orders, communications, etc., by phone, email or through the Resident Portal. Residents are discouraged from entering our offices except in an emergency situation and should contact the staff prior to coming to the office in person.

Q: If you are closing the office, how do I get my packages?
A: At this time, we are accepting all packages to support our resident needs including medications and food delivery. 
At properties where we operate package rooms/lockers, residents will continue to retrieve their packages in the same manner.  However, in order to support the health and safety of our residents, we are following CDC guidelines including regular sanitizing of the package rooms/lockers. 
For properties where deliveries are made directly to resident units by delivery companies (UPS, FedEx, USPS, Amazon, etc.), that will continue as usual. 
At properties where packages are delivered to the office, our staff will contact the recipient and deliver to the unit by placing the package inside just past the door. Social distancing is requested during the delivery.

Q: Will I still be able to come into the office to access coffee, popcorn and refreshment services?
A: No.  To facilitate social distancing, we will immediately stop offering all coffee, popcorn or refreshments in our leasing centers until further notice.


Q: Will you still be completing work orders?
 A: We will continue to complete all work orders as they come into the office to meet our resident’s needs.  Prior to providing an in-unit repair or maintenance service, we will contact the resident and inquire as to whether any of the occupants: (a) have recently traveled and where, (b) experienced any recent sickness and its nature and (c) are currently self-quarantined.  Once the unit is determined safe for entry, maintenance workers will follow CDC guidelines and wear protective gloves and masks, wipe down and sanitize the areas where they will be working and request appropriate social distancing between the staff and residents in the unit, if any.

Q: Are you only completing emergency work orders?
A: No.  We will continue to complete all work order requests as they are received to meet our resident’s needs.
Q: If I am locked out of my apartment, will staff still be deployed to the unit to provide me access to my unit and/or bedroom? 
A: We will continue to provide lockout services in order to ensure our residents continue to have access to their apartment and bedroom. 
Q: If a resident is ill or quarantined, will you still access my apartment?
A: It is the resident’s and roommate’s responsibility to notify the office of any recent illnesses, quarantine or recent travel undertaken prior to initiating a work order or requesting a property team member to access your apartment.  Permission should be received from all residents in the apartments prior to submitting any work orders that require access to your apartment.  In the event you or one of your roommates have tested positive for COVID-19, only emergency work-orders including those with life and safety implications will be completed.


Q: I have lost income due to lay off, shortened hours or termination.  Do I still have to pay my rent? 
A: Rent is still due according to the lease agreement. Please refer to your lease agreement for any additional questions on when payments are due. We will not be abating any rental payments. We will also, , follow all federal, state and local regulations mandated in response to COVID-19..

Q: I know you are temporarily closed on Saturday and Sunday, will there be any additional shortened hours?
A: As events unfold, we may consider additional changes to our hours of operation. Please visit the property website for current hours of operation. 
Q: Will you continue providing shuttle services to campus?
A: For Universities that continue to welcome students to campus and offer services such as food services, counseling and student support, health services, library access, etc., we will operate shuttle service on a limited basis.  Check the property website for updated shuttle schedules. 
For Universities that are closed and no longer offering the types of services listed above, we will temporarily suspend shuttle service to the campus.