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Moving off campus is a rite of passage for most students – another step on their road to independence. At Cayce Cove, our goal is to make that transition as easy as possible for you and your student.

Professional Management and Maintenance
Cayce Cove offers professional on-site management and 24-hour emergency maintenance. Many of our staff live and work on site, and annually participate in extensive customer service training to make your student’s living experience a memorable one. Students who need assistance can meet with team members in the office, or fill out work request forms online for added convenience.

Individual Leases & Financial Responsibility
At Cayce Cove, we offer individual by the bed leases. This is different from a joint and several lease, and has a major benefit:  You and your student are only responsible for your rental installment.  As part of the lease agreement, Cayce Cove requires each student to have a “Guarantor,” or a person 25 or older who is a resident of the U.S. that will vouch for the financial responsibility of the lease. If a Guarantor is not available, a "Self-Guarantor Deposit” is an alternative and requires 1.5 rental installments prepaid that will be held until the lease is completed and returned following move out provided there are no damage charges or outstanding rental payments due. 

All-Inclusive Living
Moving your son or daughter out on their own can be expensive. At Cayce Cove, we support families with many student-friendly amenities that are free and included in the overall rental installment to help ease the financial burden. There is no additional charge for Internet; water; electric; gas; cable TV; flat screen TV; furniture; full size washer/dryer; fitness center; computer lab; study rooms; printing; tanning; shuttle to campus; and monthly social events. This means that students don’t have to worry about additional utility bills each month. We are happy to include everything they will need in their rental installments with no caps.

Residential Life
Cayce Cove is a social community with a vibrant residential life program focused on social, physical, charitable and educational activities (and many free food events, too!). Residents are active participants in a variety of monthly resident events hosted by our team of dedicated community assistants and managers. Charitable activities have included relay teams to support Relay for Life, toy and food drives, and community clean ups. Educational activities could include everything from skin cancer awareness to tutoring support. And Cayce Cove regularly offers popular social events such as free pizza Fridays, breakfast on the go, and other fun ways to meet new friends and create lasting college memories.

Community Assistants
Every year, many students vie for the opportunity to become a Cayce Cove Community Assistant (CA). CAs are assigned to groups of residents and offer peer guidance and support during a student’s transition to off-campus housing.

Cayce Cove hires approximately 10 CAs a year who are paid at an hourly rate. The CA position provides students with valuable resume-building experience through their work as a community leader, problem solver, event planner, sales associate, and friend.

Pierce Education Properties
Cayce Cove is owned by Pierce Education Properties, a San Diego-based owner, manager and developer of student housing and education-based real estate. Pierce owns and manages a national portfolio of approximately 12,500 beds of upscale, purpose-built, off-campus student apartment communities serving students and universities throughout the U.S.